S.MusicDigital® We publish music and content for artists


S.MusicDigital® We publish music and content for artists

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That is, presenting a musical project to the radio, giving it life and space so that it can gain an important role within the rankings. Through the qualitative selection of promotional vehicles, the objective is to create and promote within the radio and television media the existence of a new project. PRESS OFFICE For public relations, for communication and information relating to artists and projects, to ensure a close connection with the most important daily and periodical press. OUR WORK We create a brand of clear and professional presentation, intended for magazines, televisions and radios. We attach the single that promotes the album and we provide the repertoire number of the work. We request interviews, the transmission of the song and the following review. We create a real promotion network. We translate the brand into English, Spanish and Arabic for sending to foreign radio stations. Our system is advantageous because it provides a print communication service and at the same time a widespread radio distribution. MONITOR THE STEPS We present the musical project to the networks, to the Music Control radios and to the EarOne circuit. We send the songs in digital format and promote them in regional, provincial, alternative circuits, specialized circuits and web radio stations. We currently have a total network of over 1500 Italian and foreign broadcasters. During the promotional period we put ourselves weekly in contact with the Radios to offer our customers the Reports related to the actual passages of the song in promotion. GET A MATCHING Having good visibility allows you to increase your listening area. The Radio Promotion can increase the sales of a song, an album and the request of an Artist. COMMUNICATION & DIFFUSION Press Release Realization and publication of the press release on the main monitoring platforms for professionals in the sector Digital Postcard Sending to all 514 Italian FM frequencies with tracking and reception feedback from all radio stations Weekly Report Weekly sending of a Report with the list of radio passages and related minutages. The data are validated by the monitoring companies Social Networks We share your radio passages on the main social networks every day to provide you with the best visibility and increase your audience. PROMOTE YOUR SONGS Guaranteed Passes From 1 to 3 radio passages guaranteed on over 100 Italian FM stations monitored. You will have the certainty of entering the national airplay ranking Regional Passages From 1 to 2 radio passages monitored and guaranteed per week on the main regional superstations. Registered among the 50 most-transmitted singles right away Interview Recorded interview broadcast by more than 100 FM stations of our circuits. You will have the best visibility on a national scale in one shot! Guaranteed Interviews From 20 to 50 telephone or presidential interviews with the main Italian local and regional broadcasters. Make a bang without any risk! PROMOTE YOUR VIDEOCLIPS Guaranteed TV Passes Broadcast your single to over 150 Italian TV stations such as ODEON TV, SKY bouquet channels and Digital Terrestrial TV channels. ORDER HERE https://www.smusicdigital.nl/441727894/category/1309869/communicato-stampa VEVO Channel Open your channel as an artist on the most important international music platform, monetize your video clips right away ! VEVO Banner Personalize your YouTubeVEVO channel by inserting the advertising banner. Get more visibility like international artists! Apple Video Insert your video clips on iTunes and Apple Music, more monetize your digital productions among the greatest artists in the world! Activate your YouTubeVEVO channel and monetize your video clips right away! Earn with your video clips Get 100% of the royalties generated by your VEVO monetized video clips. You will receive the report every semester via email with the amounts accrued. Join the big names in music Increase your visibility on YouTube and enter the biggest music network in the world thanks to VEVO! Thanks to your VEVO channel you will be among the first YouTube search results. 24-hour support Receive immediate technical support in Italian by calling the toll-free number or by opening a ticket from our support page. Choose one of the VEVO BASIC packages € 79.00 + VAT 21%, per year Channel Artist YouTubeVEVO 1 upload included Customization Channel Assistance h24 HOMAGE Monitored Digital Postcard ACTIVATE STANDARD NOW € 129.00 + VAT 21%, per year Channel Artist YouTubeVEVO 5 uploads at year Customization Channel Assistance h24 FREE Digital Postcard Monitored ACTIVATE NOW UNLIMITED € 499.00 + VAT 21%, one-off Channel Artist YouTubeVEVO unlimited upload Customization Channel Support h24 HOMAGE Monitored Digital Postcard PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC AT ES NEW OFFER https://www.smusicdigital.nl/441727894/category/1304464/publish-single GRUPPO DI CONTENUTI Vai su Vai giù Impostazioni Elimina Many things have changed over the years, but there is something that never changes. S.MusicDigital is the home of those who create music, with passion. Whatever your gender and your level of experience, you will find something useful on S.MusicDigital. With the advent of digital, the world of music production has changed forever. Above all, digital music is not just "electronic music", made up of synthesizers and effects. From the MIDI orchestra to the recording of pop vocals to the writing of scores, digital involves every aspect of your music. Whatever the genre. The time of experimentation and pioneering is over. Digital is everywhere, but to really take advantage of technological evolution you need to know how and why, without stopping at the surface. Today, thanks to a new and improved editorial commitment, www.smusicdigital.nl ensures you always more useful and reliable information to undertake this journey. With the new sections dedicated to Professional Audio, Music Notation and soon to marketing and musical promotion, MusicaDigitale.net is your point of reference to keep up-to-date with market trends, innovations in music technologies and more strategies effective for producing quality music. So simplify your life and your work. Moreover, thanks to an unprecedented technological push, MusicaDigitale.net now gives you access to an innovative system that is stable, fast and secure. Ideal for improving, promoting and sharing your music with determination. Join the Forces of Tradition and Innovation The centuries pass but the rules of music never change. What changes are only the means we use, but there will always be those who have nostalgia for the past or fear of the new.